Newspaper Reports 1971

Republished from Bangladesh Genocide Archive, please head over to the site for more archives, eye witness accounts, videos and pictures.


March 1971
3/27/1971 Daily Telegraph Civil war flares in E. Pakistan
3/27/1971 Daily Telegraph EDITORIAL: Pakistan’s civil war
3/27/1971 Daily Telegraph Jinnah’s dream of unity dissolves in blood
3/27/1971 The Age (Australia) Dacca breaks with Pakistan
3/27/1971 The Times of London Heavy fighting as Sheikh Mujibur Declares E. Pakistan independent.
3/27/1971 The Boston Globe East Pakistan secedes: civil war breaks out
3/27/1971 The New York Times Leader of rebels in East Pakistan reported seized
3/28/1971 Sunday Telegraph Army take over after night of shelling
3/28/1971 Sunday Telegraph EDITORIAL: The victims
3/28/1971 Sunday Telegraph Pakistani bombers ‘hit rebel town’
3/28/1971 New York Times Army expels 35 foreign newsmen from Pakistan
3/28/1971 New York Times Artillary used
3/28/1971 New York Times Toll called high
3/29/1971 Daily Telegraph Army in complete control
3/29/1971 Daily Telegraph Casualties likely to be heavy
3/29/1971 Daily Telegraph East wing sealed off
3/29/1971 Daily Telegraph EDITORIAL: Divide or rule
3/29/1971 Daily Telegraph No mercy in Pakistan fighting
3/29/1971 New York Times Sticks and spears against tanks
3/29/1971 The Age (Australia) EDITORIAL: Pakistan tragedy
3/29/1971 The Age (Australia) Pakistanis rally to Sheik’s call
3/29/1971 The Age (Australia) War comes at last to a divided nation
3/29/1971 The Age (Australia) When tanks took over the talking
3/29/1971 The Sydney Morning Herald EDITORIAL: Plunge into chaos
3/30/1971 Daily Telegraph Tanks crush revolt in Pakistan
3/30/1971 Daily Telegraph Reporter slips net
3/30/1971 New York Times Heavy killing reported
3/31/1971 The Guardian Heavy fighting and burning in Chittagong
3/31/1971 New York Times EDITORIAL: In the name of Pakistan
April 1971
4/1/1971 New York Times Appaling tragedy in East Pakistan
4/3/1971 New York Times A resistance fighter tells his story
4/4/1971 The Sunday Times Nicholas Tomalin witnesses a massacre
4/4/1971 New York Times Britons tell of killings
4/4/1971 New York Times EDITORIAL: ‘All part of a game’ – a grim and deadly one
4/4/1971 Sunday Telegraph Starvation threat to E. Pakistan
4/5/1971 Newsweek Pakistan plunges into civil war
4/7/1971 New York Times EDITORIAL: Bloodbath in Bengal
4/9/1971 New York Times Families flee town
4/13/1971 The Guardian PICTURE: Refugees flee Kushtia
4/14/1971 The Guardian EDITORIAL: Rhetoric and reality
4/14/1971 New York Times Bengalis form a cabinet as the bloodshed goes on
4/16/1971 CBS Evening News East Pakistani Refugees Fleeing to India
4/17/1971 New York Times Hours of terror for a trapped Bengali officer
4/18/1971 New York Times In this case, war is hell for one side only
4/18/1971 New York Times Keating report stirs Pakistanis
4/19/1971 Newsweek Pakistan: Reign of Terror
4/25/1971 New York Times Refugees worry Indian officials
4/26/1971 Newsweek Pakistan: Vultures and Wild Dogs
May 1971
5/1/1971 Far Eastern Economic Review India-Pakistan: warclouds mass
5/2/1971 New York Times The political tidal wave that struck East Pakistan
5/6/1971 New York Times Foreign news reports criticized
5/7/1971 New York Times Pakistani general disputes reports of casualties
5/7/1971 Washington Post Aide admits massacre in East Pakistan
5/9/1971 New York Times Bengalis depict how a priest died
5/10/1971 New York Times All serious opposition seems ended in East Pakistan
5/12/1971 New York Times EDITORIAL: The vultures of Bengal
5/12/1971 Washington Evening Star Vultures too full to fly: East Pakistani Calamity defies belief
5/13/1971 New York Times Army men in Pakistan see heresy in Western style education there
5/13/1971 The Baltimore Sun US asked not to aid Pakistan
5/14/1971 The Baltimore Sun EDITORIAL: Pakistan story
5/16/1971 New York Times That shadow in the sky is a vulture – a fat one
5/16/1971 The Boston Globe “Jai Bangla” A Bengali cry of national pride, now muted
5/22/1971 Saturday Review Genocide in East Pakistan
5/25/1971 New York Times Pakistani strife said to continue
5/27/1971 The Guardian LETTER: East Bengal atrocities
June 1971
6/9/1971 New York Times Disease, hunger and death stalk refugees along India’s border
6/10/1971 Le Monde, France Bengal corpses in the wake of a crusading army
6/10/1971 Reuters Move to cut Aid to Pakistan
6/10/1971 Washington Post East Pakistan : A Wound Unhealed
6/13/1971 The Sunday Times EDITORIAL: Stop the killing
6/13/1971 The Sunday Times Genocide (Front Page story)
6/13/1971 The Sunday Times Genocide (Center Page story)
6/13/1971 New York Times Pakistani charges massacre by army
6/18/1971 LIFE They are dying so fast that we can’t keep count
6/20/1971 New York Times The only way to describe it is hell
6/21/1971 New York Times East Pakistan is reopened to newsmen
6/23/1971 New York Times EDITORIAL: Abetting repression
6/25/1971 Hong Kong Standard EDITORIAL: Another Genghis
6/28/1971 Newsweek (Page 43-44) The Terrible Blood Bath of Tikka Khan
July 1971
7/1/1971 New York Times Correspondent of the Times ousted from East Pakistan
7/3/1971 New Yorker The talk of the town; Notes and Comments
7/4/1971 New York Times An alien army imposes its will
7/4/1971 New York Times Hindus are targets of army terror in an East Pakistani town
7/11/1971 The Sunday Times A regime of thugs and bigots
7/11/1971 The Sunday Times The Repression of Bengal
7/13/1971 New York Times World Bank unit says Pakistan aid is pointless now
7/13/1971 New York Times Excerpts from World Bank group’s report on East Pakistan
7/14/1971 New York Times EDITORIAL: Pakistan condemned
7/14/1971 New York Times West Pakistan pursues subjugation of Bengalis
7/14/1971 The Boston Globe Plea from CARE
7/16/1971 New Statesman, London West Both Sides of Disaster : On refugees
7/17/1971 New York Times A Pakistani terms Bengalis ‘chicken hearted’
7/23/1971 Wall Street Journal A Nation Divided
7/31/1971 The Economist, London Time is running out in Bengal
August 1971
8/1/1971 New York Times Why they fled
8/1/1971 St. Louis Post-Dispatch EDITORIAL: Obligations in Pakistan
8/5/1971 New York Times 14 Pakistani aides quit missions in US
8/5/1971 New York Times The ravaged people of East Pakistan
8/12/1971 Daily Telegraph PICTURE: Senator Kennedy visits refugee camp
8/14/1971 Far Eastern Economic Review A people’s war
8/14/1971 Far Eastern Economic Review Pakistan – Blow to Confidence Page 1, Page 2
8/17/1971 Daily Telegraph Halt US aid for Yahya, says shaken Kennedy
8/17/1971 New York Times Kennedy in India terms Pakistani drive genocide
8/17/1971 Washington Post Kennedy charges genocide in Pakistan
8/28/1971 Far Eastern Economic Review Who is my neighbor?
8/28/1971 Los Angeles Times Pakistan Arms Dispute Exaggerated, U.S. Says
8/28/1971 Los Angeles Times India Priest Pleads for Aid in Pakistan Crisis
September 1971
9/3/1971 The Times, London Statement by Dr. Peter Shore, British M.P.
9/4/1971 Far Eastern Economic Review East Pakistan: the avengers
9/4/1971 Los Angeles Times East Pakistan leaders sworn in
9/11/1971 Far Eastern Economic Review Pakistan, a little hope
9/19/1971 Los Angeles Times Agha Khan Yields on Constitution
9/23/1971 New York Times Bengali refugees say soldiers continue to kill, loot and burn
9/25/1971 Far Eastern Economic Review Fighters of Darkness
October 1971
10/6/1971 Los Angeles Times Pakistan Tells U.N. of Acts of War by India
10/10/1971 The Sunday Times Pakistan: The propaganda War Page 1, Page 2
10/14/1971 New York Times Horrors of East Pakistan turning hope into despair
10/17/1971 New York Times The grim fight for Bangla Desh
10/18/1971 The Guardian Dhaka Guerillas start offensive
10/24/1971 New York Times Pakistan offers seized TV films
10/26/1971 The Sunday Times Stop the slaughter
November 1971
11/5/1971 New York Times Wave of Sabotage in East Bengal as border tension rises
11/9/1971 New York Times Bengal Guerillas set up number of assassinations and bombings
11/13/1971 Los Angeles Times Rogers Fears Indo-Pakistan War Soon
11/13/1971 Far Eastern Economic Review India-Pakistan: UNDECLARED WAR
11/16/1971 Los Angeles Times India, Pakistan May Go to War Over East Bengal–and Add to the Suffering
11/17/1971 New York Times East Pakistan town after raid by army
11/20/1971 Far Eastern Economic Review Faith in Bengal’s Fighters
11/21/1971 New York Times Razakars: Pakistani group helps both sides
11/27/1971 Los Angeles Times Jessore May Hold Key to Pakistani Outcome
11/27/1971 Los Angeles Times U.S. Says It Is Trying to Ease Crisis
11/27/1971 Los Angeles Times Heavy Pakistan Fighting reported
December 1971
12/4/1971 New York Times Mrs. Gandhi’s statement
12/6/1971 New York Times The wringing of hands
12/7/1971 New York Times Dacca listens and waits
12/9/1971 New York Times Bengalis dance and shout at liberation of Jessore
12/9/1971 New York Times Pakistan’s holy war
12/10/1971 New York Times India reports foe in rout in East as encirclement of Dacca gains
12/10/1971 The Harvard Crimson Pakistanis Retreat to Dacca
12/10/1971 The Evening Star (Washington) Jubilant Begalis celebrate freedom
12/12/1971 New York Times The crucial fact is that Pakistanis are hated
12/15/1971 New York Times Forces closing in
12/15/1971 Washington Post Witness called E. Pakistan terror beyond description
12/16/1971 New York Times Bhutto denounces council and walks out in tears
12/16/1971 New York Times Text of message from General Manekshaw to General Niazi
12/16/1971 New York Times Bombing is halted
12/16/1971 The Times of London Pakistani General, near to tears, signs at racecourse ceremony
12/16/1971 The Times of London Parliament’s joyful ovation for Mrs. Gandhi
12/17/1971 New York Times 2 men at a table; march to Dacca
12/17/1971 New York Times In Dacca killings amid the revelry
12/17/1971 New York Times Statements by Mrs. Gandhi on truce and surrender
12/17/1971 New York Times The surrender document
12/19/1971 New York Times 125 slain in Dacca area believed elite of Bengal
12/20/1971 New York Times Not to be forgotten
12/21/1971 New York Times A village ablaze, a blown bridge
12/22/1971 New York Times Who knows how many millions have been killed
12/29/1971 New York Times Guerrillas seek lost relatives
12/29/1971 New York Times Hindu refugees return, find ruins in East Pakistan
12/30/1971 New York Times A day of terror for 50,000 Bengalis
January 1972
1/3/1972 New York Times A journalist is linked to murder of Bengalis
1/6/1972 New York Times Texts of secret documents on top level US discussions of Indian-Pakistani war
1/9/1972 Daily Telegraph Sheikh Mujib flies in and sees Heath
1/9/1972 New York Times Backstage with the crisis managers
1/10/1972 Daily Telegraph Yahya Khan accused of sex orgies
1/10/1972 Washington Post The killings at Hariharpara
1/11/1972 New York Times Sheik Mujib home
1/14/1972 New York Times Text of memo on Indian-Pakistan war
1/16/1972 New York Times Hindu refugees back in Dacca find themselves without homes
1/18/1972 New York Times Bengali wives raped in war are said to face ostracism
1/23/1972 New York Times ‘I’m alive!’ is still big news
1/24/1972 New York Times Bengalis land a vast cemetery
1/30/1972 Washington Post Bengalis bodies found
February 1972
2/5/1972 New York Times US sent arms to Pakistan despite pledge to Congress
March 1972
3/5/1972 New York Times Killing of babies feared in Bengal
3/18/1972 New York Times India opens way for Dacca trials
3/22/1972 Washington Post UN asked to aid Bengali abortions
May 1972
5/12/1972 New York Times Dacca raising the status of women while aiding rape victims
July 1972
7/23/1972 New York Times The rapes of Bangladesh

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