1971:No words to spare

I have been struggling to write this post, there are no words that could possibly sum how I feel. The past weeks has been a walk down history lane, reading through stories of people, looking at pictures, eye witness accounts, it is overwhelming. Specially since, being a pakistani, I feel deceived by what our historians told us, the glorification of war, the overlooking of innumerable war crimes, there is no redemption.

As we look back and introspect, there are but many questions and an unquestionable sense of resentment.  Was Pakistan army the only culprit? was Indian army not complacent? Did Mukthi Bahini not commit war crimes? If there is anything that matters through all this, it is the fact that innocent lives were lost in the conflict, that people suffered at the behest of politics, blame can be shared with one doing more than the other but that can not and should not allow us to overlook the human side of the story.

Perhaps, faiz has summed it up better than any other:

kab nazar meiN aaye gi be daaGh sabze ki bahaar
khoon ke dhabe dhuleiN ge kitni barsaatoN ke baad

When will we again see a spring of unstained green?
After how many monsoons will the blood be washed
from the branches?

It is time, we stopped lying to our people, it’s time we put the facts straight. It wouldn’t be possible without an unbiased an holistic approach to stories across borders. There is no pride in a history that is based on lies, no patriotism in drowning the hollers of people that suffered. Perhaps, the only way to ‘wash off the blood stains’ would be to acknowledge their existence, may history never repeat itself.


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