1971: Pakistan Remembers

  1. Dear #Pakistan maybe we will be no more..but like #Dec71 someone will tell our story..#Balochistan
  2. Dil to chaaha par shikasht-e-dil nay muhlat he na di; kuch giley shikvey bhi kar laitey manajaatooN ke baad #Bangladesh #Dec71
  3. Dear #Pakistan , Just two words . #Balochistan . Heed . #Dec71
  4. Wonder if the PPP also regrets Bhutto’s decisions that led to the independence of Bangladesh in #Dec71.
  5. Khoon utra tumhara tau saabit hoa; Paisha-wer qaatilo tum sipahi nahin! #Dec71 #Balochistan #FATA #Afghanistan #Bahrain
  6. It was too late, we’re fighting against wishes of #Bengalis who didn’t wanted to remain with us 4 single sec #Dec71 #Pakistan
  7. Reading about what Pakistanis did to Bangladeshis in #Dec71; feeling sick in the stomach.
  8. “hum ke thairey ajnabi itni madaaraton ke baad, phir banein ge aashna kitni mulaqaaton ke baad”- #faiz, dhaka se waapsi par #dec71 #pakistan
  9. Never been to a country where generations of my family lived and died. #Dec71
  10. Hamood ur Rehman Commission after 1971 said that military action no substitute for political settlement, “which was feasible” #Dec71
  11. Recalling visit to #Dhaka two yrs ago. Warmth from #Bengali friends, and a spirit of reconciliation despite tragedy of #Dec71
  12. Dear Pakistan, It was our indifference that made way for East Pakistan’s transition into Bangladesh. 40 years on, time to introspect #Dec71

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