The one that went missing

By: Manish Jain 

   Manish is the son in law of Sq.Ldr M.K.Jain, who went missing during the 1971 war. This is a letter he addressed to General Musharraf, Manish believes this letter never made it to his desk. They still have hope that through this blog or perhaps by other means they will hear a word about their missing one. 

In this letter 3 generations are approaching you on humanitarian and compassionate grounds for release of our loved one who has been languishing in a jail somewhere in Pakistan since December 1971.
Sq. Ldr M.K.Jain of the Indian Air Force who was on a strike mission to the Chamb sector on the morning of 10/12/71 when his Hunter aircraft was shot down by Pakistan ground troops, according to eye witness accounts of the Indian Army his plane went down into a village called Ghopar which is about a 1000 yards from the river Munnawar Tawi which is currently the cease fire line.
Troops of the 10th Infantry Brigade operating in the area have seen him ejecting from his aircraft, according to them he must have landed in the middle of Pakistan troops of the 13 Azad Kashmir regiment of the Pakistan Army.
Pakistan authorities never declared his name in either the killed list of pilots or the captured list of pilots during the entire duration of the war, however the ICRC (Red Cross) returned his Identity card,flying overalls and land survival kit in March 1972,all this had been handed over to them by the Pakistan Army. If you will notice what has returned was material associated with the ejection seat.
Sir,we know that you will ask as to why Pakistan would keep them after 29 years. Sir, recently in India the newsteam of the Indian Express newspapers discovered 2 pows of the Indo-China 1962 war,rotting in mental asylum in Ranchi in Bihar. The Indians & Chinnese both forgot about them,now they are going back to China,imagine the feeling of the families of the 2 soldiers back in China.
Sir,we are writing to you as a family in waiting for 29 years, when Sq.Ldr M.K.Jain went missing on 10/12/71 he left behind a 24 year old wife with 3 daughters ages 2, 1,& 3 months old. Mrs. Kamlesh Jain his wife on reading the telegram informing her that her husband had gone missing in operations had no desire to live with only the sight of her three little daughters giving her reason to live.
Sir, our loved one is now nearly 74 years old probably a vegetable by now, with not too many years to live we hope that you will grant him freedom so that we all here may have the honour of knowing our father of whom we have no memory, father in law with whom we could sit across the table and talk, grandfather of 4 little children who could run upto their Nanaji and request for anything under the sun and the husband that the wife has waited for every day, every moment for the past 29 years.
Sir,a past chief of the PAF was also taken POW during the 71 war, the delight and happiness experienced by his family on his return is what we all here are waiting to experience, you are the only person who can help in us as a family experiencing that joy. Please sir we request you with folded hands to make this dream a reality.
We pray that you will keep politics away from this and treat this prayer coming from a family like yours, waiting for you to complete our family photograph.

We are enclosing his photograph and hope that sir you will help us in fulfilling our dream.


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